How Close am I to Passing the NREMT?

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

This is one of the most common questions we get from people who failed the NREMT. After your test, the NREMT gives you a numerical score and nothing else. What does it mean and how do you proceed? Let's take a few moments to answer this important question.

Stop Thinking of the NREMT Score as a Percentage
A passing NREMT score is 950. The highest possible score is 1500, while the lowest possible is 100.

You've been conditioned by classroom exams to think that every test has a clear-cut score with a percentage grade. The NREMT isn't like that. It has a complex algorithm that uses multiple factors to determine the grade. Rather than one simple calculation of right vs wrong, the NREMT has many. Think of it as a soup where question difficulty, topic areas, and question types are the main ingredients. The recipe is adjusted frequently to make sure that it correctly determines entry-level competence. Throw in some serious mathematical analysis and psychometrics (the science of assessment and measurement)and you've got the soup. With a recipe only the NREMT knows and they don't share.

What does this mean? It means that interpreting your grade is more than looking at a number. You've got to dig deep and look not only at the score but at how you prepared for the exam.

What Does My NREMT Score Mean?
If we were to give an approximate analysis of a failing NREMT score and we mean approximate it would go like this Read More