*ALS Prep Bundle*

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Before you head into your new AEMT or paramedic class, be sure you are on top of your BLS knowledge, get prepared to ace your class tests, and improve your chance of success on the NREMT certification exam... the first time!

Entering advanced level classes isn't like entering BLS classes. To succeed at an advanced level, you need to start with a good foundation.

We created the ALS prep bundle after talking to educators and hearing that a lot of ALS students have knowledge gaps in critical areas. This bundle includes three separate apps to help you develop an in-depth understanding of those areas.

  • Pathophysiology Audio App Focuses on ventilation and perfusion, including cellular elements essential for understanding more advanced concepts. When you understand pathophysiology, rather than memorizing signs and symptoms, you thrive in class and in the field.

  • Assessment Review App Covers assessment by body system. It provides information in the order clinicians are supposed to think.

  • Medical Terminology Review App This one is just plain necessary. You need to speak the language of medicine. This app helps develop that language.

Combined, the three ALS apps are only $21.99 --that a 15% discount from the price of purchasing them separately. NOTE: Discount codes cannot be used on already discounted bundles.

Use this bundle before class begins or in the early weeks of the semester to best prepare for the challenges ahead.