NREMT Review


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Do you have an hour to watch a video that will increase your chances of passing the NREMT on the first try?

If so, Limmer Education's Review for the NREMT video is for you. In just an hour, you will be exposed to 9 NREMT style questions - one from each NREMT section, PLUS samples of the new technology-enhanced items (TEIs)you will now see on the NREMT, and 2 bonus questions.

Questions will be discussed in depth helping you understand and properly interpret this challenging question style. In-between questions, your video facilitator, EMS educator, and author Dan Limmer will provide a review and highlight of important content you need to know for the exam. Bonus questions and a guide on how to best study for the exam round out this informative hour of video is the best one-hour investment you can make for your success.

NOTE: This is a streaming video. Make sure you have reliable Wi-Fi available. You can watch, pause and re-watch as many times as you want, on any device.